Continuous Quality Improvement Resources

Welcome to the SRAENE Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) resources page. Here, you’ll find tools and guidance to support your team in developing a CQI practice.

If you’re just learning about CQI, you may want to begin by reviewing our webinar series on CQI practices. These webinars introduce CQI and touch on related topics, such as engaging in data collection to support improvement and fostering an improvement culture.

If you’re looking for tools to support starting CQI efforts, see our SRAENE CQI tools developed from a pilot with eight SRAE grantees. These include a lessons learned brief about engaging in CQI based on the experiences of grantees in the pilot; a CQI self-assessment to help your team reflect on strengths and areas of growth related to CQI; a two-page CQI template to guide your team through the steps in an improvement cycle; and a series of CQI improvement modules that provide background and tips related to key parts of the CQI cycle.

If you’re looking to learn how other grantees engage in CQI, view our series of CQI improvement videos that feature practices and processes of other SRAE grantees. In these videos, four grantee teams share their practices for supporting improvement and the value that comes from engaging in CQI. (forthcoming)

Learn about CQI

Use tools to support CQI

  • Tool | June 2022

    Read about lessons learned from the 2021 SRAE continuous quality improvement (CQI) pilot. These lessons provide strong practices for conducting CQI.

  • Tool | June 2022

    Use this continuous quality improvement (CQI) self-assessment tool to identify practices and resources your team has in place to support strong CQI and where your team can build capacity.

  • Tool | June 2022

    Use this Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plan Template to support your team's progress through the CQI cycle, including learning about challenges, developing improvement strategies, road testing, and monitoring improvement.

  • Tool | February 2023

    This set of training modules is designed to accompany the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) CQI Plan Template, which is a tool to help your team to plan and implement continuous quality improvement to strengthen programming. The modules contain foundational information about key steps in the CQI process, as well as workbook-style questions to support your team in applying the steps to your program.

    The series of modules begins with a focus on building a strong infrastructure and then walks through each step in the CQI process and describes how those steps align with the elements of the SRAE CQI Plan Template.