• Tool | May 2023

    Toolkit 1: Planning for an implementation evaluation

    This toolkit includes 12 resources for grant recipients to use when planning an implementation evaluation. The resources cover topics such as developing an evaluation plan, identifying research questions and data sources, obtaining institutional review board (IRB) approval, building staff buy-in for evaluation activities, and identifying procedures for managing and storing data.

    Resource Description
    Implementation Evaluations: Frequently Asked Questions This SRAENE-developed resource offers an overview of implementation evaluations, including a definition of implementation evaluation, topics that can be studied in an implementation evaluation, and examples of research questions and data sources. It also clarifies the difference between implementation evaluations and other types of evaluations, like impact or outcome evaluations.
    Logic Model Template This SRAENE-developed resource has a template for a program logic model and guiding questions to consider for each of the elements of a logic model: goal, activities, outputs, outcomes, and assumptions.
    Using Your Logic Model as a Tool and Bringing Your Logic Model to Life These SRAENE-developed presentations explain how to use a logic model to guide program refinement and evaluation. They describe how to create logic models for different audiences or purposes and provide guiding questions for creating and refining a logic model.
    How to Develop the Right Research Questions for Program Evaluation This presentation shares principles for developing research questions for an implementation evaluation (which the presentation refers to as a process evaluation), along with examples of strong research questions. AmeriCorps developed this resource.
    Data Sources for Common Implementation Evaluation Research Questions This SRAENE-developed resource provides examples of the types of data that can be used to answer common research questions for implementation evaluations.
    Institutional Review Boards (IRBs): Frequently Asked Questions This SRAENE-developed resource explains what IRBs are, when to use them, the different types of IRBs, and what an IRB package generally includes.
    Overview of the Institutional Review Board Process for Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Grantees This resource explains the IRB process and covers how and why to obtain parental consent and youth assent. It also addresses special considerations for research involving vulnerable populations, including youth. Mathematica developed this resource for Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood grant recipients with the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) and Office of Family Assistance at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
    Implementation Evaluation Plan Template This SRAENE-developed resource is a template for creating an implementation evaluation plan, which includes sections for the needs of youth and communities; research questions; data sources; and plans for analysis, reporting, and dissemination. This resource is a fillable PDF, so grant recipients can download the file and type their responses directly in the template.
    Program Manager’s Guide to Evaluation, Second Edition This resource provides an overview of evaluation activities for program staff. The topics include definitions of evaluation terms, information on how to select an evaluation team, guidance for planning and conducting an evaluation, and tips for analysis and reporting. This guide addresses implementation evaluations along with other types of evaluations. The Administration for Children and Families and OPRE developed this resource.
    Creating a Learning Culture That Values Evaluation This SRAENE-developed resource offers tips on how to build staff buy-in for conducting an implementation evaluation along with tips on how to build a learning culture that supports implementation evaluation activities.
    What Are Best Practices for Data Management and Storage? This SRAENE-developed resource answers frequently asked questions about data storage, security, and management requirements for IRB approval.
    Best Practices for Safe Data Storage and Transfer Video and Tipsheet This SRAENE-developed video and tipsheet highlights strategies for securely storing and transferring data while protecting personally identifiable information and maintaining confidentiality and privacy.