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  • FAQ | February 2020

    ACF guidance for working with Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)

  • FAQ | February 2020

    Find resources on data management plans, communicating research to partners, and other related topics

  • Presentation | February 2020

    Learn how to develop a plan to use data to support program improvement efforts

  • Presentation | January 2020

    PowerPoint presentation at the SRAE Orientation Meeting

  • Presentation | January 2020

    Learn how to use logic models as a programming tool, a tool to inform continuous quality improvement, an evaluation tool, and more

  • Presentation | June 2019

    Learn about evaluation considerations that can be incorporated into program improvement planning

  • Presentation

    Learn how to identify program components and about a “road test” approach for improving program components

  • Briefs

    Methods: Mathematica collected and analyzed on-line survey data from 109 of the 110 grantees operating in summer 2020, and the results apply to those grantees funded at that time.

    Key Findings and HighlightsThe series reports grantees’ plans for their SRAE programs and discusses the following key topics:

    • The number of grantees, subrecipients, and youth intended to be served.
    • Subpopulations among the youth intended to be served and the curricula and settings selected to serve them.
    • Prior experience providing programming similar to SRAE. • Steps taken to inform and develop their SRAE program plans.
    • Investments made to support strong facilitation and program fidelity and quality.

  • Trainings

    Coming soon! Please return soon to access the 11 SRAE CQI improvement modules developed to support your team in conducting CQI.

  • HHS resource

    Learn about the Family & Youth Services Bureau (FYSB), which administers the SRAE program